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Want to start getting referrals from clients and friends almost immediately...even while competing with larger firms or more successful agents?

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Fred Bullard, Broker and Owner of Bullard Realty, LLC of Clearwater, FL

Creating the Real Estate Referral Machine

Dear Friend,

My name is Fred Bullard. I am the broker and owner of a small boutique real estate firm in Clearwater, FL. When I started my real estate business I was determined that I could compete against the large national chains without paying any franchise fees or the splits that they require. I have experimented with many methods of business building that have been very costly and difficult. I have taught myself through very challenging times how to market my firm and grow my business to a multi-million dollar producer year after year with no "support" from a national franchise chain. The systems I have adopted have allowed me to add new agents and create more referrals than my small firm can handle. I want to share this method with my fellow agents. I believe that by helping my fellow agents grow their business I am doing what others did for me when I was struggling in this industry. Here is the great part about my system, you will create a new stream of income fro you and your family when times in the real estate business are tough or you simply want to take a break from dealing with real estate or when you want to retire and stop the grind of showing properties every weekend. I cannot wait to share my secret with you!


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Realtors all over the nation are discovering my secret for building consistent client referrals and growing your business faster than you can imagine even in this difficult market. I am willing to share my techniques with my fellow realtors. I have developed a foolproof method for ensuring client loyalty and making sure that your clients stay with you year after year. Not only that but they will rabidly refer you to their friends and family without even being asked! You will be amazed at the loyalty our system creates among your clients and friends. There are many ways to build client loyalty for realtors but few will create the excitement that our system creates. You need to be prepared to deal with the huge volume of referrals that our system creates and the buzz that will build your business so much that you may not be able to deal with all of the leads and referrals you will receive. I am ready willing and able to help you build your business and grow your referral machine. Contact me now and I will provide you with a system that will blow your mind with results if you follow my step by step instructions.

I am prepared to teach you how to use my secret realtor tools to generate real estate agent leads to find new clients and keep you exising clients. Our system uses many tools like direct mail postcard to generate all sorts of leads including fsbo leads that you will flip over. Our agents are creating loads and gobs homebuyer leads and we are looking to teach our lead generation for realtors to motivated and ready real estate agents looking for the secret to grabbing new clients and generating new leads. The most important part of our system are the tools that allow you to retain your existing clients and create new leads for realtors and listing leads. Our system is so simple to use but so effective as a tool for marketing for realtors. There are great marketing ideas for realtors and marketing tips for realtors that can easily be found on the internet.
You need my secret marketing tools for realtors and newsletters for realtors and real estate leads if you are a serious real estate agent. There are many ways to learn about real estate marketing and I have spent years developing these techniques and tools that I want to tell my fellow real estate agents about.
The real estate marketing tools that I will teach you how to use are so powerful you will be amazed at the response you get from existing and potential clients and watch the real estate referral amchine kick into gear and begin to get you more leads than you can deal with. My clients have become my real estate referral network and I do not need to depend on other agents for referrals or national chains. The real estate referrals I can teach you how to generate will go on for years and years and keep on re-generating themselves. The least effective means of marketing your services are realestate flyers if you want to generate realestate leads then you need realestate marketing and realestate marketing tools that are effective to attract the best in real estate clients not the people that will call you from a flyer stuck under their windshield.
You need realtor advertising that is cost effective and time effective. You do not want to spend your valuable time chasing bad realtor buyer leads by bad realtor email marketing and ineefctive realtor internet marketing.
You need realtor lead generation that works for you and helps you build your client base and create raving fans among your existing clients. The realtor leads and realtor marketing methods that we use are among the most simple and cost effective realtor marketing ideas that make realtor marketing letter and use the most effective realtor marketing materials. I can teach you the best realtor marketing plan
among the many realtor marketing plans my realtor marketing strategies actually work like magic. We can create an effective realtor marketing system using my realtor marketing tips and realtor marketing tools you can make great and effective realtor newsletters.
With your local realtor org there are only so many options they can provide for training and development of marketing.
The realtor promotion and realtor prospecting
realtor referral systes that are the most effective create a lasting source of realtor referrals from your realtor web site. Therealtor web sites of the major corporations and chains are dominated by my site by simple and cost effective real estate marketing techniques that create a source of organic traffic that they cannot match.
My realtor website if extremely effective and you will find that I can help you. I have found out the hard way that paying for expensive realtor website templates are a waste of money realtor websites. Many realtors advertising are throwing their money away. We teach methods that can generate quality realtors leads through cost effective realtors marketing. How do we do this? We utilize our existing cutomers and clients to become our sales force and develop relationships that engender client loyalty in every way we can.
The referral letters we utilize. When you are using our system of referral marketing you will be among the top producer realtors in your area.