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Home BasedBusiness For Stay at Home Moms.
Home Based Business For Stay At Home Moms
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This is not a "job". This is an opportunity to own your own home based business using proprietary and cutting edge technology in the multi-billion dollar printing, greeting card and gift industry. As with any private business income varies based on the efforts of individual distributors ability to introduce and attract customers and additional distributors to their business. 
The Best Home Based Business Opportunities
Michelle Bullard, Senior Manager
Michelle, Senior Manager

Want to make an income while working from home with your own home based business? Let me share one of the best home based business opportunities available. I did it and so can you!

I am looking for 5 dedicated stay at home entrepreneurs to personally mentor in building a home based business and I hope one of them is you!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a stay at home mom. I started my home based business because I want to help others find financial freedom and be able to stay at home with their children and be a part of their lives as they are growing up. I believe we all need to be with our children as much as possible, to be able to pick them up from school and help them with their homework. To attend their sports events and piano recitals. There is nothing more valuable to me than time with my children and family. My home based business gives me the freedom to work when I want to, with whom I want to, during the days and hours I want to. I cannot wait to introduce you to the fantastic system we have for building a long term residual income. The great part of our business is that it is a INC magazine 500 listed company and has been featured in national magazines like Success From Home Magazine! Our system is built around sending out love and appreciation to others and I cannot think of a better way to earn a living. Especially when you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Let me stress that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. This business requires a very reasonable initial investment to get started and a leverage of your time and energy to be successful. You will have me to help you and guide you in your business and I will be able to help and support you as you grow your business but it will not happen on its own.

If you are ready to work for yourself with a team and a company that is dedicated to providing the finest product and services around then you have found the opportunity that you have been seeking.

I look forward to help you find your financial independence and truly enjoy your freedom as you work from home in your own business.

Warmest Regards,


My Story

Let me tell you a little about how I got involved in a home based business. My husband is a real estate agent here in Clearwater Florida. He deals primarily in commercial real estate leasing and management and in Clearwater home sales and St Petersburg real estate for sale. His job requires him to stay in touch with his clients and real estate prospects on a regular basis in order to keep the clients he has an get new clients and new inventory of St Petersburg and Clearwater homes for sale to market to his real estate buyers. In 2008 he received a call from a St Petersburg / Clearwater attorney who is now retired who convinced him to look at a revolutionary technology product that would help him stay in tough with his real estate clients and maintain his relationships in such a way that when it came time for those people to sell or buy a Clearwater home that would almost always call him. At first my husband was incredulous as to the claims of this St Petersburg attorney. He persisted and assured him that this product could do exactly what he said it could do. Having never met this attorney and not seeing the actual product (only the online version of the software but not the tangible items that it produced) he said that he would indeed like to have the system but that he had to see it to believe it. Several days later the product arrived at our home and he was sold. The lawyer called him back and asked him what he thought and my husband (the Clearwater Real Estate Agent) said sign me up. The attorney also informed my husband that there was a business opportunity attached to the product and my husband was so impressed with the product he purchased a distributorship for the product that would allow him to supplement his real estate income by introducing the product and opportunity to other real estate agents and those folks he did business with. As he began to refer the product to other real estate agents in the Tampa Bay area he began to realize that this was not only a  great product but a solid home based business opportunity with great income potential.
From the day he started using the product my husband encouraged me to take on this business as a full time home based business opportunity. I finally gave in a year later and started growing the business part time and then full time from home over the last two years. It has been a great experience and I have enjoyed traveling all around the country meeting others on my team and attending events put on by our company (which was listed in the INC. Magazine 500).
Our company has training and programs that are second to none and a wonderful mentoring program. There are many home based business opportunities out there to choose from but I have no doubt ours is the best.
In short I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with in my home based business. This business truly is a wonderful opportunity for those entrepreneurs looking for a low cost franchise opportunity.

The Perfect Business For Stay at Home Moms To Make Full or Part Time Income

Stay at home moms, experienced network marketing professionals and business people looking to make a little extra income on the side are all buzzing about our system and business opportunity. This business is absolutely exploding with mentions in the INC. 500 fastest growing businesses in the nation and Success From Home Magazine. People all over the work are getting plugged in and making money with this incredible business opportunity. The potential for our business is unlimited and the low entry cost is accessible to everybody. We are looking for a few talented entrepreneurs in certain local markets to partner with in growing this business. You have to be willing to commit your time energy and talents to helping us attract other professionals and stay at home moms and college students into this business. We are looking for only the best in entrepreneurs who understand the process of time management and commitment to the best customer service and are committed to being successful in this business.
Our business has a complete training program and is very simple to learn but what we cannot teach are the most basic elements of time management and follow up with potential prospects and clients.
There is a great opportunity with our business we are looking for people of all ages who are longing for the independence of owning their own business and making money for their family and themselves.
All this business takes is a few hours a week and a commitment to learn.

There are some great reasons to start your own home based business. When you are a stay at home mom you can work from home and spend as much or as little time as you like on your home based business. Our opportunity is great for stay at home moms as it allows moms and dads to focus on their other responsibility to their children and families. Our business opportunity can provide a little extra income on the side and the freedom and flexibility to be able to grow this business into full time income. When you create a successful business with our system you can rely on a residual income that keeps in coming even after you are retired from your business. Out business does not require any inventory or overhead. A small investment gets you going and gives you the ability to start earning right away. As soon as you start in our business you can begin to earn the money you need to support your family and begin to create a solid future for yourself and your family.

Own Your Own Business

As you consider starting a home based business you should seriously consider our system. There are so few products that have such a broad appeal.

The great thing about this internet based home business is that it can be used for sending everything from wedding thank you
notes to thank you poems for teachers. If you have wondered about how to write thank you notes then you need to get into our system and try it out this can include interview thank you notes.
I can assure you that starting home based business has never been easier.